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Well this is the arrangement that worked best when we were all involved from the beginning now that Wifey knows that I love Nikki I feel like she is putting a road block in front of a turtle. But our prior arrangement was purely sexual. Nikki and I have always had feelings for one another since we meet before I even knew Wifey.
So you guys had a triad that was based on play and your wife doesn't want feelings to develop unless she also has them? Did you guys seriously believe that you could dictate how each of your feelings would develop in this?

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Wifey and Nikki have not hit it off because wifey is blocking her feelings for Nikki. If they hit it off then I will get the invite and this is probity wifey's fear that I will now be able to express this profound love I have for Nikki.
Are you sure Wifey even HAS feelings of attraction to block with regards to Nikki? Honestly, I'm not so sure and it sure sounds like all of you are trying to force the issue by trying to force feelings to develop between Wifey and Nikki that probably aren't there.

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You hit it on the head about why triad was this weapon of choice in this battle.
If you're seeing your current relationship structure as a weapon, why even wait a few weeks? I wouldn't want to be in that kind of atmosphere even one more day.

Relationship aren't weapons. They're supposed to be joyous natural bondings that enhance our lives. It sounds like you never really had that as a triad but have been investing all this time in the hopes that that's what will EVENTUALLY happen. That's not based in reality.

Like I said..feelings rarely follow orders. If you don't have joyous love building naturally between the three of you, you can't force it into existence or force it into the shape that suits all of your needs, because it sure sounds like you have VERY different needs here.
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