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Well, M's car wasn't ready yesterday, and today isn't looking good either. D and I had a nice dinner date last night but I haven't had sex since Friday and I am starting to feel anxious. I still need a hug.

I have been awake since 3 am because I went to bed really early. So much for getting more sleep - the amount is the same; all I am doing is changing the time I am getting it. Ugh.

Overall I am feeling out of sorts. Though M has reassured me over messaging that all is well, I need a reconnection physically since we parted under such stressful terms Saturday night. My husband and I are fine too, but he is not interested in sexing me up lately and so it seems my needs are again at cross-purposes with what is available to me right now.

Am I just too needy? I think I am really up front with both my guys about the contact I need but I still feel like I am floundering and not fulfilled. It makes me feel selfish when I think about it. I am still feeling loads of NRE for M and excitement and love with D. Why isn't this enough?
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