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Originally Posted by zampana View Post
Maybe it's just the women I've been meeting, but I find the opposite to be true - most women, if they're available and looking, seem to want to know that there's a commitment, that the man they're going to invest in will be willing to take it to the next level or whatever. I don't know. Maybe I'm just impatient? But her out there and having the time of my life and me at home trying to figure out how to progress my own trip is pushing very deep painful buttons.

Does this resonate with anyone or is it just my current circumstances/world view? Is it just me? Am I being impatient? Maybe I'm trying to hard. Maybe the universe wants me to be alone for the first stage of this so that I can fully deal with my envy and jealous and not hide from it in another relationship?
I got dumped once because I told the guy I didn't see us getting married one day. He said he couldn't be with someone if there wasn't at least the possibility of getting married, and preferably we should be actively moving toward that goal.

Your sentiment doesn't resonate with me, I've heard the exact same story from women who are having trouble meeting men, but their husbands have lots of successful dates.

Meeting people and dating are skills like any other. Some people are naturally better at them, some people get better by practicing, and some people are just always hopeless at it.

p.s. I haven't experienced Vancouver as being notoriously difficult to meet people in. All the times I've been there, I've met people without even trying, and I'm not even good at meeting people. You should spend the winter in Saskatchewan and then we'll chat about how hard it is to meet poly people.
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