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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
I think that answers some of my questions.

So, there's a fine line between respect and dignity and the latter is the more artificial, damaging concept to instill in one's kids? I emphasize that in my own words because it seems like a fine line indeed. I hope you'll correct me if I've misunderstood that point.

Here I dreaded sparking more disagreement than I could handle; maybe others are as reluctant to admit their risqué opinions as I am?
You've got everything right and you understand all my points.~

It's fine if you have opinions that are contradictory to my own, but don't expect me to immediately agree with them, to follow them blindly like the blind fools who give all other 'believers in possibly something beyond death' an infamous name, not to challenge them, and not to ask that you explain how and why you believe such things.~
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