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Sailing along smoothly.
Had a nice time with Kip today. He was in a very silly mood and spent more time laughing and playing than anything else. He called it MSR, massive sperm retention, the male equivalent of PMS! He is very busy at work and took the opportunity to blow off a little steam. It was nice to laugh and relax, I was incredibly stressed this afternoon and it all melted away.
Prof is due for a very short visit tomorrow. I personally doubt he will make it. He had to cancel Weds this week due to work commitments. I am touched that he is trying to make a little time, but he will be flying in and leaving again the next day, I think he needs to take a few minutes to go home and get grounded before leaving again. Of course I want to see him but I don't want to be a drain on over taxed resources.
We are all overwhelmed with work, I have school in addition, it is a struggle to make time to just have fun, hopefully things will calm down again soon, but the relationships are all good.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Kip: 50s male.
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