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First-I suggest finding a local poly community and making some friends. Just meet people on the basis of making friends.

Because poly women are still women and when a man comes on too strong it reeks of "he just wants to fuck and once he gets a piece of ass he's out of here". Not sexy if that isn't what you are looking for.

Second-Understand and really accept INSIDE of yourself-that just because there are lots of men who will take the chance because they want to get their dick wet-doesn't mean that women have more "WORTH WHILE opportunities for relationships". It does mean we get more guys offering-but most of them aren't worth our time.

Third-Don't try to date "outside of your pool". Meaning-if you are looking for women who are up to poly-you need to be meeting women you already know are open-minded in that arena. If you chase through the mono pool-which is MUCH LARGER you will spend a lot more time getting the "fuck you" reactions. Because a MAJOR criteria for having a relationship with you-is already in the way. It would be like going to a gay bar looking for a girlfriend. You won't get far. There likely are some straight women there-but MOST of them are not.
Does that make sense?
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