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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
The problem is they do not understand that there IS commitment in poly. As a polyamorist, one can take a relationship to whatever "levels" are possible - the only thing you cannot do in No. America is legally marry a second spouse. If you're not just fucking around and you want to develop relationships, you need to either check out the poly community in your area OR find a way to explain what poly is to women who have the wrong assumptions going on, and let them know that polyamory does not preclude commitment and satisfying, long-term loving partnerships.
I agree.I think some of the misconception comes from fear due to bad relationship experiences the women have had in the past, and some of it is due to the fact that the term polyamory is a bit of an umbrella term, with the exact meaning of each relationship defined by the participants of that relationship.Women are also expected to comply with social mores, and are punished more often when they don't.Plus, some people are just plain wired for monogamy, and can't understand why someone would want to be involved in more than one intimate relationship.
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