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Default Anchor vs sails

". I have the belief that information of the shared experience of two people belongs to both of them and there is an expectation for privacy."

I agree, and ordinarily, that goes without saying, but, in the anonymity of the forum, the only place I have to sound things out. Thank you.

I can totally see how being "just someone's anchor" would be offensive. We have been married for 13 years, by far the most long term romantic commitment either of us has had. But our commonalities are for more spiritual and emotional than interest based. To grossly oversimplify, I am vegan hippie assed VW driving adventurer. He is my brainy shy hunk best friend and super-lover. He can totally handle what's between my... ears. True to engineer stereotypes, he sees things in black and white. "Only an anchor",
"what I thought she was, or nothing."

Robert is both an anchor and a sail. He is shy and doesn't care to travel, so he has sent me around, the world on my own. He says that he gets a better me out of it. In a way, I am his safe place, too. When he gets banged up in the world, I patch him up and urge him to go back out. So I would say we are secure in the knowledge that we know each other's hearts and there is a safe plave we can go.
That's Ms. left wing vegan tree hugging free loving peacenik thank-you-very-much!
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