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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

I mean, when I hear "asexuals can have sex" I think "well of course they CAN. I can also poke needles in my eyeballs, doesn't mean I do it." Not that I liken sex to poking needles in my eyeballs of course, but I can easily imagine some people feeling that way about it.
Funny I just spoke with someone about how sexuals vs asexuals view sex.

For most sexuals sex is like pizza-even when it's bad, it's good.

For some asexuals it's more like...I'll eat the pizza, but mostly just to make the bringer of the pizza happy. There may be parts of the pizza that is enjoyable. Like the crunchy crust, but the rest of it is completely optional.

However, there are also sex-repulsed asexuals.

Even within the asexual spectrum you will find a whole range of people, of wants, needs, and desires. There are those who do still feel attraction (emotional, romantic, intelligence, spiritual, physical, etc...) there is only a lack of sexual attraction.

Asexuals can still feel arousal - It just may not be directed at any particular person.

Asexuals can still masturbate, - But for some it is more of a physical release mechanism than a sexual act.

Asexuals can still have sex (and some do regularly) - There are just as many reasons for an asexual to have sex as there is for a sexual. Sex can bring increased intimacy, it can please the partner, create children, and -YES- for some Asexuals it still feels good.

Asexuals can achieve orgasm.

Asexuals can still have 'kinks' - there are a few on AVEN who are into BDSM.

Just remember - Just as there is more than one way to be a sexual...there is more than one way to be an asexual.
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