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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
If it's sexual but okay in public: Why is it okay in public? What about the same kissing, hand-holding, and hand-on-butt and what have you if the persons engaging in such are also nude? Does that change whether it's good for the public eye? Is subtle (nude) fondling okay? Not-so-subtle fondling?
Any thing that can be legally be done clothed can be legally done without clothes.~

I don't think it's legal in many places to have sex in many public places just because you have clothes on.~ XD

I think if you raise your children with an open-minded view of every thing that leaves out illogical damaging concepts such as 'shame', 'modesty', and 'dignity', while teaching them the natural concept of 'respect' as seen in even the wild animals for example, "Don't touch me unless I say you can or I will hurt you.~" I don't think you'll have as many problems as those who raise children the opposite way.~
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