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Originally Posted by susiuzi View Post
The problem is that he doesn't want to talk about it.
Is something that can'be mentioned. I think that makes him feel threatened or that he's not going to be in charge.
He is NOT in charge of you. You are in charge of you. Being with you is a privilege you extend to him. It does not give him ownership over you.

It sounds like your main issue is the way he's neglecting you. You're feeling lonely so you're looking at other people as a way to relieve the loneliness. The thing is, that won't solve anything in your relationship with your boyfriend. Those problems need to be solved within your relationship.

You could try thinking about specific things you need, and then communicate those needs to him. Remind him that you're happy for him and you support his relationship with the other girl, but that you're still here and you need certain things in your own relationship for it to be fulfilling.

After that, if you still feel like dating other people, then you still have that right and you can choose whether or not to discuss that with him.
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