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Sounds like we can conclude that it's damaging to kids to teach them to hate their bodies, themselves, and everything else. I concur with that.

Beyond that, things start getting a little fuzzier, as it's a question of what to expose the kids to, how, and when.

Yes, I was joking about the permanent damage and stuff. Just throwing those visuals out there for reflection and entertainment.

We have agreed that sex and nudity are different because nudity isn't sexual per se, and because nudity is a passive state of being instead of a kinetic state of interaction.

Except ... we still haven't got complete agreement that (public) breastfeeding is (always completely) non-sexual. We also haven't talked about whether kissing (lips), hand-holding, hand-on-butt, and what have you are sexual and if they are does that make them okay for the public eye (the eye of people of all ages).

If it's sexual but okay in public: Why is it okay in public? What about the same kissing, hand-holding, and hand-on-butt and what have you if the persons engaging in such are also nude? Does that change whether it's good for the public eye? Is subtle (nude) fondling okay? Not-so-subtle fondling?

At some point I think you have to split a hair or two to decide what's beneficial (or not) in public.

Other questions: Can kids be taught to view sex positively even if they're also taught abstinence? Alternatively, at what age is it reasonable for kids to start having/experimenting with sex?

Now does it seem like I'm hijacking? The thread title is, "Why do people make such big deals at certain body parts? Why so much self hatred?" Those questions cover a considerable bit of ground.

What sorts of teachings/exposures/examples engender self hatred in people (from childhood up)? Are certain body parts a big deal? If not, what will best teach people (from childhood up) to calm down about those parts?
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