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This raises a new question for me, then.

Where does arousal fall into this? Those who identify as asexual but still have sex, do you get aroused? Or is it just like "here, you can pleasure yourself with my genitals. I'll just think about baseball."

I do get aroused, though rarely without physical contact. I pretty much never get turned on by seeing an "attractive" person. I never feel sexually attracted to people, at least not visually.

With arousal, what about masterbation? I rarely do it, almost never in fact. But I do go through the occasional spell where I'll masterbate every day, for about 3-4 days. Then it's over as quickly as it began.

I mean, when I hear "asexuals can have sex" I think "well of course they CAN. I can also poke needles in my eyeballs, doesn't mean I do it." Not that I liken sex to poking needles in my eyeballs of course, but I can easily imagine some people feeling that way about it.
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