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Originally Posted by JadeDoor View Post
I guess I shouldn't have had such high hopes for the therapist.
I probably wouldn't blame the therapist- she/he probably just brought everything to light.....things that would have come up eventually anyway.

It is unlikely that divorced people would be able to get back together without actively working on the underlying issues that caused the divorce in the first place.

Not sure if that work is going to be possible with them being in the same household.

I know you guys are still pretty young and that you had/have high hopes for this relationship configuration, which is great.

Polyamory is great- however it is difficult and requires emotional maturity to pull it off. Emotional maturity is earned through time by working on issues as they arise. It is hard enough to maintain a healthy relationship between two people, and when you add two more people- an ex and a brother- there is bound to be issues and drama. Welcome to polyamory!!!

Best wishes for all of you and keep sharing! It is possible!!
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