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"Do we allow what many find as the most hideous, ugly, and repulsive of people to show their faces legally in public?"
Unless it's the Phantom of the Opera.

Lots of nude statues out there and no one seems to mind ...

Keep in mind that obesity isn't normally the natural state of the human body. We certainly weren't born that way. Major problem in the United States, and to some extent in other first-world countries. Our appetites and metabolisms evolved to serve us in times of considerably less plenty.

I don't "hate myself for being fat," but I don't exactly revel in it either. My clothes protect the public. They protect me too, when I'm out in public.

If you are in shape, then I envy you. You live in a clothing-optional world in a way that some of us feel we do not.

I guess the bottom line is that while I think most overweight persons (such as myself) would feel way to embarrassed about undressing anywhere (even in a nude colony), I can't argue with their theoretical right to do so. I say theoretical because in practice, it's not legal to undress just anywhere (no matter how athletic your bod); not right now. We have this thing called "indecent exposure."

Yes, I am free to refrain from looking if the person I see makes me shudder (because they look too much like myself). Lots of other things to look at. As long as they're not hurting me.

Course we still haven't tackled the question of whether sex in public is okay. Well: sex is just as natural as nudity, isn't it? and the people having sex aren't hurting me, are they? So I'm not sure the two issues are entirely separate.

Look, maybe nudity isn't about "ugliness" (especially since some nude folks would be pretty cool to behold); it's about what's suitable to expose children to and at what age.

Does that in turn relate to how young a child could appropriately be when he/she first has sex described to him/her? Don't be too quick to cry "hijack;" I'm not 100% sure it's off-topic.

My mom was known to practice some nudity in my childhood home. I gotta tell ya, that's not one of my happier memories. Bad visual!

On the other hand, my younger brother once wandered too near the door to the master bedroom when my folks were going at it. He heard some exclamations from my father that were hard to misinterpret. Permanent damage!

Then there was the time that my oldest brother's first wife decided to try water-skiing with nothing but her garments on. Bad wet T-shirt contest. I'm pretty sure everyone on the boat was permanently traumatized. Don't worry though, she viewed herself as nothing less than a ravishing sex goddess.

Perhaps there's a difference between freedom and decency? I'm free to join a KKK group, but it's not a very nice thing to do. So what behaviors improve the human environment? and what about the kids?

You can't always say that "the natural thing to do" is the best, wisest, or most loving (e.g. self-loving) thing to do. Most people cut their fingernails -- which contradicts Nature's "plans" for those fingernails. Are nail clippers a self-hating invention? I'm sure most of us have seen pictures of what life looks like without nail clippers. A few people prefer their nails that way, and well, I guess all the more power to them.

Is it natural to take a shower? to use soap? deodorant? By doing these things, are we exercising hatred for our natural bodies? By not doing these things, are we hurting anyone? What about make-up, and jewelry? Could clothing be compared to jewelry?

Teaching each other to be ashamed of our nude selves per se seems to be a problem, although "shame" rather than "hate" still seems to me to be the more proportionately-accurate word. But I don't know how to solve all these other complicated problems.
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