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I realize its all just anecdata to most of you, but I've been a triad for nearly 3 years. It started as the serendipitous type of triad. We are very happy, stable, raising a family etc.

We have absolutely no poly friends, have never been to any poly meetups, and don't know any poly people in real life.

I am the only one of the three of us that bothers to go on poly boards, read poly blogs or listen to polyweekly etc. My husband sometimes reads polyinthemedia. Occasionally I find something particularly interesting and send it to my partners, then they both read and we discuss it.

Although I frequently read this board, I rarely write on it. Truthfully, I realize my poly is not the norm. I can't relate to people with primary/secondary models or solo models. Much in the ways that bisexuals are not accepted in the gay community, triads seem to lack acceptance in the poly community. I feel we've navigated the waters of integrating our family into the everyday world of jobs/childcare/vacations/etc. I'm hesitant to open myself to criticisms from within what most people would consider my natural 'community'.

With that said, I am very interested in providing support and answering questions for people entering relationships like mine. I remember having so many questions, and just researching, researching, and coming up with few answers. I would've loved to have a good long chat with someone in a long term triad during those first months.

So, OP please ask away. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
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