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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Well, then, nudity isn't just for nudist camps, is it?
The concept of 'nudity' is a false concept, many societies try to convince us that 'being' clothed' is 'natural' and that 'being without clothes is an unnatural thing to be that you should feel horrible for EVER doing': so logically we should HATE ourselves every time we take a shower, use a toilet, have sex, or even change clothes.~ Our mere EXISTENCE is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE THING!~<--I don't think so.~ -.-

Being as we ARE NATURALLY AS WE WERE BORN IS NOT AN 'ACT' in and of itself, we are not 'naked', we simply being ourselves.~

When I 'put on clothes' and when I 'take off clothes', I am DOING SOME THING, this IS an 'act', but simply 'being without clothes' is NOT an 'act': it is simply a state of 'being', I am 'being as I was BORN', I am being 'me'.~ ^_^
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