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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
How are the kids dealing with all of this? Their mother was abused as a child. Their parents had a bad marriage--all because of Amanda's background or was Neverwhere part of the problems? He's been drinking--presumably enough that he needed to quit. They've got their mother, step mother, and uncle all in their house, and all this drama going on.

Honestly, I think it would be wise to set aside thoughts of 'everything you wanted' and what's getting ripped away from you, and give some thought to how all of this is affecting the kids, and what all of you, as adults, need to do for their sake.
I fully agree. I've always put my kids first, even before I had my bio son and it was just me and my stepsons.
if I saw it negatively affecting the kids I'd be the first to put a stop to it. But they're the happiest they've been since I've known them. They're finally in one house with everyone they love. They're settled and happy. They play town sports. They get to spend time with everyone equally and they don't have to live in a bad area anymore.
We'd hate to see them fo back to that.
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