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I broke up with Kuroi last night.

I still Love Kuroi, still want Kuroi in my life, but our romantic relationship is over. At least for now. I can hope that things will change, but I do not expect that it will. I am sad, hurt, and angry.

Kuroi cried with my arms for comfort. We are still each others friend. I answered every question,with as much truth as I had to give. I have lived for the last 6+ months in a situation I did not want, and was not accepting of. A situation of Kuroi's choice. I made a different choice for my own health and well being.

Now talks will turn to other things, away from any Poly between us, and towards Kuroi moving out. A side from requesting a move out date, I will leave the talking up to Kuroi for the moment. I have said as much as I can. I have made so many attempts to work at our marriage, It took more then me to break it, it will take more than me to repair it. Made this time apart will help Kuroi decide what Kuroi really wants, will give Kuroi the inner knowledge to make the words spoken Match the thing Kuroi choose to do.

I am done with broken agreements, and promises. Done with be asked to forgive the same mistakes over and over. Done being hurt. Time to focus on me, find who I am today, and decide what I really want, and who I want to be tomorrow.
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Didn't realize we had a poly type relationship in High school. Exploring poly again now that our Child is older.
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