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Polyamory : Roadmaps For The Clueless And Hopeful - Anthony D. Ravenscroft -

I just seen this book online and looked at the table of contents looks like a good read and it would cover a lot.

I my opinion a book can only really be interpreted by it's reader. Mono pointed out his "wiring" which gives him a different prospective on the books that he has read and others prospective may very well differ. There is no harm in reading all the books listed on this post or going to your local book store and browsing a few or even your local library. I just went last night to B&N and browsed Open and Ethical slut..both good reads in my opinion but go find out for yourself


Originally Posted by rubyfish View Post
My husband and I are taking baby steps into polyamory. Everything is still in the hypothetical, but I've been doing lots of research (both because I'm the poly one and I'm really rather neurotic). I was looking for some book recommendation. I'm looking for books to help my husband understand how I feel and what I want.

I just finished The Ethical Slut and it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I think there is great information in there about managing jealousy and emotions, but it just wasn't emphasizing what I was hoping for. I'm looking for a book that talks more about love and less about sex, because that's me. Sex is nice and all, but for me it's about love and connection. No offense to anyone with other view points, but I was hoping there was a book that was more in tune with me.

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