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Default here we go again

there is a world of difference between the situations where a previously existing relationship is attempting to open up and you have

1) Spouse makes a "rule" that sex is OK but not falling in love


2) When out on dates -- because the couple had discussed not being ready for overnight stays -- and agreeing to at least check in if they are knowingly not going to follow through with what they said they would, ie not coming home to next morning when they said if they were ever going to do that they would check in and let them know

It's the same tired old, supposedly different viewpoint where there is no difference, it's just the same people making the same point that rules which are impossible to not break, get broken, luckily for me there are sites like Franklin's who can explain this anomaly in straight forward language, as some things I just can't wrap my head around, esp the more complicated paradoxes such as these

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