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I have no issue with nudity, but there is a time and place for it. I caught a few episodes of Naked and Afraid while in the States, and it started seeming normal after a certain point. I used to enjoy being naked inside and at my home. However, I do not want to see random folks in their birthday suits. My face would be like The only balls I want to see in a public place are tennis, golf, basketball, football (soccer), the balls used for footy and American football, foods that contain ball shaped things, and such. Other than that, I am good. CW, you are right. Being naked and showing parts is not sexual in itself.

As far as breastfeeding and deriving pleasure from it...there are women who do achieve orgasms and become aroused. It is not intentional or a feeling they seek. It just happens. For some women, the feeling of a child nursing is relaxing enough to induce orgasms, and/or it just happens on its own. I am sure a search would yield many nursing mums confessing to it happening. Oxytocin is released during nursing, and it is a trigger for orgasms. They are not the same as an orgasm achieved during penetration or sexual activity. Hence why there are women who have orgasms simply when their nipples are touched or when an erogenous spot is stimulated. Society makes women feel dirty and like it is something taboo when it happens during breastfeeding. So often, they will stop nursing their children.

People and their over sexualised mentalities are seemingly trying to ruin a perfectly natural and normal thing that has benefits for the baby and the mum. For the baby, it is much healthier and an excellent way to bond and establish closeness. For the mum, there are health benefits. Extended nursing is said to decrease the risk of breast cancer, and studies have also found that there is an increased protection of sorts for nursing mums against uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers. For those reasons alone, it should not matter if a mother nurses in public.
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