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Default Impossible Rules

Was just reading over a post where the OP mentioned she had asked, among other things, for them to control the emotional aspects of their relationship, while she adjusted.

While that seemed to be a perfectly reasonable request, I find when rules like that are set, they tend to be broken, and everyone gets upset. "Impossible rules," you might say. The emotional one is a good one; how do you control how your emotions develop? How do you control how your partner PERCEIVES your emotions developing, even if you think you've taken a step back and aren't getting seriously involved?

Any similar rules that people suggest eliminating to avoiding hurt feelings when a partner can't help but break them? Any way to find a better one to replace? I.e. maybe asking your partner not to kiss a new boyfriend/girlfriend in front of you (might be seen as controlling, but for sake of this thread, I'll ignore thinking down that line). At least it's something that can actually be followed.

Or perhaps you disagree on that last thought? If so, feel free to suggest a better replacement rule for the "Don't get [too] emotionally involved" rule.
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