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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Oy! M and I drove out to a hotel on Friday night and I did get my in-room hot tub! We actually got a huge suite and it was great to have that time together. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, visited a nearby casino (I lost $20, he won $10) and then spent 3 hours just soaking in the hot tub and talking. Of course, amazing hours of sexy times followed and we slept well.

Saturday morning we played WarMachine together - actually, for most of the day. Overall, it was the most amazing time and we were so connected, it was great!

Unfortunately, I drank too much at dinner and had to be driven home like a child last night, with his wife following behind so he could get back to his house. It was really terrible. We talked today, and all is well, thank goodness. I definitely screwed up - I am a lightweight with alcohol and the first drink I had was actually over my limit, just by itself, in retrospect.

My husband will probably be sent out of country for almost all of November and I am feeling very stressed about it. I don't do well when he is gone for more than a couple of days, and a month is giving me anxiety just thinking about it. M and I have talked and he is going to try and support me with some outings during that time period.

Oh! M & H's son knows about their polyness now, and he knows M is dating me. He seems to have a healthy attitude about it, but in wake of my ridiculousness last night, I forgot to ask M about things this morning. H had messaged M while we were out at the hotel that their son asked, finally, and that they had a conversation.
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