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I was kind of drunk when I wrote that last night. It captures the moment fairly well. Meeting her husband was indeed the right thing to do. He is more comfortable with us now. "Better than Mike". Arggh... she told me that she loves me too.

Loose ends... the girl I had flirted with. Well, I went out of town for a few days and one night while I was gone my gf texted and said, "Guess who I'm out drinking with?" of course it was my flirt and she said that they were talking about me. After a couple OMGs and some bewilderment I got my wits together to say, "I hope you're buttering her up for me." She said, "We both live vicariously through you." So I said, "Sounds like she's already well oiled." That was due to my having told each of them about the other woman I had met out of town where I was at who had offered me her milk swollen tilts and let me drink to my health.

I finally did meet the flirt again. We met so I could give her an astrological reading. I started to tell her about her potentials but when she found out that I could also analyze composite charts, only wanted to see what potential she might have with me. I asked her what she thought of my girlfriend stalking her and she laughed.

I could really go on here. I'm finding a strong attractiveness in myself that is all new to me. I walked around a corner last night and a woman immediately pointed at me and started saying I don't know what but she was attracted to me. She was on her way for a bit but begged me to stay until she got back. The night before a lone woman came through town on her way to the concert and I overheard her talking about herbs, plantain, with some other people over a beer and that's an easy conversation for me to get in on. We exchanged numbers. The day before I went to a concert in the park kind of thing and a woman there offered me a beer then I saw her downtown the next day and so we went for another. A couple days before that I was leaving the gathering I had attended out of town (the one with the milk bar) and as I was getting goodbye hugs, this young lady gave me the most sensuous hug so I said, "that's a great hug". She pulled her head back from my shoulder and said, "But ****, I just love you. I really love you." I tell my girlfriend about all this. It's been a wild ride and makes me believe that the universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings if we would only allow it. I'm choosing to be happy.
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