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Originally Posted by Ihq View Post
The late thing is not a "rule" thing. It was a matter of when he said he would be home... The best way to explain this is... if he had just been out with his friends, I would have called and been annoyed
Were you waiting for him because you guys had agreed you were going to do a particular thing at a particular time? This thing being sensitive to when it is started?

Or was it "I'll be home at 8" and he wasn't home right at 8?

I don't know your situation and I'm sure there is lots to it, but it sounds like you are getting yourself worked up for no apparent reason. Now, if I have an agreement with someone that they'll be home at 7:30 so that we can go catch the 7:45 showing of a movie... I'm waiting at home... they show up at 7:45... that means we can't do the thing planned and I would be mildly irritated. BUT, if they said they'll be home at 7:30, I'm sitting around watching re-runs and figuring out what I want to eat and they show up at 8:30... who cares? Why get all worked up over it if there was no harm done?

The issue of "what if they are dead in a ditch" has always been a weak argument imo. If they are out with their friends and are late... why are they late? Obviously because they are out with their friends and they are, god forbid, having a good time and lost track of the hour. If he's on a date and running late... what do you imagine happened? I'm sure he doesn't need his pissed off wife/girlfriend calling him and griping at him like he's a little kid. "The street lights are on and YOU SAID YOU'D BE HOME"

If you are just looking for a reason to put the hammer down on this guy then I'd say your irritation is your own fault.

Originally Posted by Ihq View Post
stupid -annoyed -irritating -disrespectful -dumb -stupid
I recommend taking a look at what is bothering you. Are you being so deeply and profoundly inconvenienced by his unabashed disregard for your feelings as to prompt so much irritation? Or... is this not a big deal and you are displacing some other negative feeling and using this as an outlet?

It sounds like something is definitely going on, but I'm skeptical that his being later than he said is really grounds for this much frustration.

Do you know what is actually bothering you?
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