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I met her husband tonight. It was kind of awkward. I had ducked off earlier when I first saw him there but later I saw him alone and approached. I didn't tell him who I was at first but when I did he was very gracious. It was at an Oktoberfest dance and she was gorgeous. (she won second place for best dressed) I danced with her many times and with about fifteen other women too but not one of them was like her. Dancing with her was like making love. A natural fit. She was first place with me and I told her that I love her. It kind of spilled out while I was spinning her around. I wasn't sure that she heard me and said, "Did you hear what I said?" She said yes. I watched her dance with her husband too. They were awkwardly cute. I'll never get that image out of my head. He was such a terrible dancer but she is patient and loving with him. I felt bad later that I had just barged in. They hadn't invited me to come down there and tell him everything then dance with her. He wanted to meet me though. For me the time was right and if it was the only way I could dance with her tonight then it was worth it.
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