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My weekend is so not going the way I want it too due to things beyond my control. I am a bit moody and grumpy.

Butch is off this weekend. Tried to set a new dynamic between us. Hopefully he can respect my boundaries.

This is Murf's weekend to work. I miss him terribly when we are apart. I talk to him several times a day so I do not understand why I do not like to be apart from him. I am one of those people who loves and needs her privacy. I was the kid who would go away to summer camp and my family would get 2 letters from me.

I have never shied away from traveling solo, or eating out alone or seeing a movie solo. Never needed anyone before. But I need Murf. I feel guilty about that. I should feel similar about Butch but I don't. He is downstairs sleeping on the couch and I would be happy if he stayed there all night.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy Butch's company, BUT he needs constant attention and stimulation. He has to fill the silence with conversation. If I have something to say I say it but I do not need to have mindless communication. I enjoy the silence and my own thoughts.
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