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Default To the Unicorn Hunters

I saw this in a post about a couple who had found a bi woman to join their relationship, successfully:

"Since meeting her my gf and I have watched our relationship improve. I am no longer unstable in my feelings, my girl is loving it of course and we are happier. I always knew I was not monogomous but now I realize that I may be someone who needs a poly relationship."

We (the outside world) may understand this happens and can be healthy. But, please, talk about her as if she's a human being. Stop just telling us about how she's "improved your relationship with your girlfriend." Stop telling us about how much you and she love it. Tell us about the new girl. Tell us about what she's like, why you like her, why your first girlfriend likes her. Something that makes us think she's not just a sex toy for you.

Maybe then unicorn hunters won't get such a bad rap?
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