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Originally Posted by Revkah View Post
I was just wondering what is the best way to split the time between the two? How do you guys split your time? Right now that seems to be the hardest part.
Plan A of course wants to have his time alone with me but so does Plan B and I feel because me and Plan B are still in the NRE stage that we are inseparable and he respects when Plan A (husband) wants alone time with me, but sometimes it gets a little tricky.
Do you schedule these times? Example: right now plan B and I have wed nights. And then every once in a while he hangs out but leaves later in the evening.
our schedules are hard because we all work a lot but Plan B wishes to have more time and sometimes we are in limbo as to when we can see each other. Any advice?
You might start by working with everyone's schedules. Looks like you have some “set” plans already.
If you are just trying to figure out how to keep up with everything you might look into Google Calendar.

Right now I have two Shared Calendars with my partner. One for job schedules, and one for events/activities. The events one will (and has) included dating other partners. If/when a sleepover situation is on the menu that will be included.

If that’s something you want to try make something to share with all partners, and some to share with each partner. I only share my work schedule with my partners, I don’t need to see their partners schedules. But we would like to have everyone in the events/dating calendar so we can all see when our partner(s) available. The names of the calendars don’t really matter so much.

If its more about everyone's comfort levels you might still find a shared calendar (of some sort) helpful. If everyone can see when their is actually time available for “quality” time then maybe the times where you aren’t available won’t be unpleasant for anyone.

Oh and don’t forget to put time in just for YOU without one of your partners.
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