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After much talk, both in the bedroom and on a philosophical level, Robert and I opened our 13 year marriage, starting with swapping, then swinging, then, finding that abut as sustaining to the heart and soul as Wonder Bread is to the body, we wrapped our heads around the ideal of Polyamory. We both dated a bit but nothing very deep evolved.

Recently I approached my husband about taking things to the next level with Jim, whom I have loved from afar for over 20 years. This was NOTHING like the baby steps we had been taking. We had so much established love, trust and chemistry, that things are blossoming rapidly. Robert and I have had to work through so much so fast, it is like relationship warp speed.

His daughter and her family are completely supportive, but next weekend we are visiting his brothers and sisters, whom he has prepared in advance by phone, and he assures me they will be happy for him/us as long as he is happy. I am still wary. It feels like coming out.

An aside: I have had NO LUCK contacting World Polyamory Association, the signup scripts don't seem to go through. Also NO LUCK with who state that I must complete coursework to join. Again no email replies. If anyone has contacts or suggestions for finding more community, please pass on my concerns.

Looking forward to sharing thoughts with others.
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