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Default The Poly learning Curve

Here's a graphic for a game, but from what I have read here it fits with figuring out Poly as well.

The Poly Learning Curve.

The issues you have talked about can often be worked out through educating yourself.

I would suggest you check out the "golden Nuggets" collection of threads (Some times call the master thread).

Then read about "poly hell things" I suggest you share this with your husband, and talk about how you each feel about these things. And what it might take to reduce the stress NRE can cause.
Then check out Jealousy things: one, two, three
And Secondary/third things: one, two, three

Other good reading in the interest of keeping things smooth, and drama free. One, Two, [URL="

Most of these link (if not all) can be found in the "golden nuggets" thread. Along with Many many more.
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