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Default I think you are doing fine

A lot of people try to date another person as a couple, it's only a problem when you are not flexible and willing to let go of that when things don't turn out that way. And you did, so luckily you won't get attacked for hunting.

It all sounds like standard insecurities that you would likely find no problem dealing with if your boyfriend was acting like an adult.

I don't know anybody that would seriously try something like this

(and then saying it was because she didn't tell him what time it is).

I know 13 year-olds that are more mature than that

Everybody makes mistakes, it's what you after that counts, and that is pretty disrespectful.

If that was your first time with him out on a date and he said he would call by a certain time, and hours later he doesn't , it is little things like that which can make your first attempts at opening up a nightmare.

Yes, you should eventually be able to make it through all these little hardships, but there really isn't any point in trying it if he isn't going to be respectful. Disrespecting your lovers will burn even a poly veteran, and getting way to caught up in NRE does ruin relationships, but it's too early to even know if he is going to go all NRE crazy.

Sounds like it's just him being irresponsible and people like that can be impossible to be in a relationship with, even for monogamists, disrespect is disrespect is disrespect.

It could be on accident, so you are going to have to tell him that he needs to follow through with the little things like checking in as it makes life much easier for you.

Why put yourself through crap that could easily be taken care of with minimal effort on his part

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