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Thanks Fidelia.

I rarely think much about my body aside from general health. But I think this is the first time I've encountered a situation where I'm going to be making a HUGE change in a SHORT time.

Gaining weight, from 135 up to 216 took 17 years.
Losing weight from 216 down to 155 took 2.5 years.

Those are the most significant changes I've ever made to my body. I did chop my hair off (down my back to 1 inch buzz) a few years ago, but of course that grows back and changes daily...

But the reduction-that's pretty much permanent. Obviously if I regain weight or whatever it could screw it up-but you know what i'm saying.

As I said, I'm not worried about the guys not loving me, or not finding me attractive or whatever.

Just find the idea of such a huge change, to something I can't even imagine, to be a bit daunting. Not enough to not do it! I really don't want to repeat the experience of another herniated disk. If this will help reduce that probability-it's SO well worth it.

Ever so much fun huh?

I had significantly different sizes after my son. But it went away after my youngest breastfed for a year. It was frustrating getting bras. That wouldn't motivate me to go through a surgery like this, but the pain from the neck-oh yes.
I suddenly don't have pain in places that I had pain for so long I didn't even NOTICE it-till it was gone.
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