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I've realized you guys are right. I shouldn't give up everything for someone who wouldn't do the same for me. It's gonna be hard but if this is hhe best choice I guess I'll have to live with it.
I am glad to hear you say that. I hope you follow through for your own sake. I'm sorry you now have to process break up feelings. But choices in life are not always win or lose but "this stinks and that stinks... which stinks LESS?"

You made a good decision. There are MANY right ones out there. They don't always come at the right time. This one was not either. (From the sound of it.) that's ok. You had an experience. That can be valuable as you make your way and have other experiences.

You are 18. You were scared to death you will always come second with them, and with this new baby -- that complicates things further. You were right.

Remember that you are young and a lot of your feelings will come at you really strong. You have no yardstick to measure it by if they are first feelings. It feels really INTENSE. Talk to other people -- to help keep your perspective. (You did that -- so good for you!)

It isn't til the early 20's
that the human brain finishes growing. Give yourself and your peers the chance to finish doing that -- and enjoy your dating experiences in the meanwhile without making lifelong/permanent choices.

If you want to polyship -- life is long. You don't have to have it all in your late teens up at the front end of your young adulthood.

It's ok to spread it out some -- you will be ok. Hang in there!


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