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Originally Posted by drinnt View Post
Philosophically I think it makes a great argument to debate. Lots of wonderful theoretical and transcendental material there...but really it's simpler than that. We're biological beings and the very definition of life is the ability to procreate. End game.
This. Yes, I have been wondering for a looong time, why is it that people choose to have kids. Maybe a lot of them do not make a conscious choice or ever think about it. Life just happens. Biology.

A short update: both my partners have been very supportive through my struggling with this. They have stressed that in the end it is MY decision and all they can do is to express what they wish. My husband was quite taken aback by my strong emotional reaction with this; he thought I was OK with the idea - and so did I. He has been sorry to have caused such pain to me... well, he did not cause the pain, it was inside of me and his suggestion just brought it up to the surface.

Anyway, my relationships seem to survive this, and we will consentrate on other things for a while. I will keep processing this question in my mind.

And, drinnt, thank you for the link! "On The Fence" -section of that forum seems to be helpful for me. Plus, it has been nice to read all the comments and personal stories posted on this thread, thank you all!
I am a woman with two male partners: CJ (legal husband) and Mark (no label added).
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