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Are we, then, opening the can of worms of whether sex in public is okay?

Re: public nudity ... some people say it's enough to practice nudity at home or in designated areas (e.g. nude beaches or whatever). I don't know whether to legalize nudity for *all* locations. Right now it would probably be too soon. Most people aren't ready for it.

Re: breastfeeding in public ... fine by me (as contraversial as it obviously is). Is it sexual? Don't know. Not a woman. Not an expert on these things. I guess even if it is sexual, I still think most people are, well, *ready enough* to start getting used to it.

Most questions about sex, or questions with arguably sexual connotations, strike me as a little messy, and since they can't all be left unanswered, sometimes you have to piece together a messy answer to make a truce with the messy question.

Consent, for example, is a complicated subject in my mind. Notice how countries all over the world (and even different states in the United States) have the age of consent set, well, all over the place, frankly. And is it safe to assume that an adult can give informed consent? I don't know; what about "polygamous" cults that use brainwashing to get their members to consent to it? or what about anyone who was sexually abused as a child; doesn't that impair their ability to give reliable consent? Heck, some people argue that DADT arrangements don't count as "real" consent.

Can we argue that kissing (especially on the lips) is sexual? hand-holding? putting one's hand on another person's butt? Lots of room for disagreement about where to draw the line from what I can tell.

At this time -- in this generation -- my opinion is that lots of folks are so unready to see (out-and-out) sex in public (let alone share the sight with their kids) that it isn't fair to impose it upon them. Which means that we'll be dealing with some messy questions for quite awhile.

Will it ever be "okay" to expose kids (of what age?) to the sight of out-and-out sex anywhere? Uh, I don't even want to touch that question.

I sense a big ol' contraversy brewing. Crap.
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