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Murf had a female friend who he went on 2 dates with 6 months before we met. He decided he wasn't into her and stopped seeing her. Since they knew each other since high school and share a distant social circle to remain friends.

A year into our relationship we changed our relationship status into in a relationship on Facebook. Butch isn't on Facebook. When S saw this she immediately messaged me and began accusing Murf of being a douche bag who would break my heart. And a whole lot more. I answered her with a thanks for your concern message but since we had been together at that point a year, I was sure he wasn't a douche.

Well that set her off and a huge shit storm began. With her trying to ruin his relationship anyway she could. All because he had moved on.

OP you are his EX. Leave his current relationship alone. I too question your motives to stick your nose in your ex boyfriends relationship. Especially since it sounds like he is happy.
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