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Originally Posted by AlbertaBea View Post
I might just mention it to my boyfriend, who has a bromance with Tim. He'll probably be more comfortable breaching the subject.
I dig that you want to make the realization of this possible new info as painless as possible for Tim. However, I'm of the opinion that if you decide to involve yourself in this drama at all, you should own it.

Personally I'd discourage you from putting it off and certainly from furthering the propagation of this apparent rumor mill. If you decide he should know, I say you call him right now and just clear the air. Leave out your assumptions and opinions and just tell him "Hey, I know you are really excited about this new gal but I heard _this_ from _so and so_, is that bullshit? I just didn't want you getting caught in a storm if it *isn't* bullshit".
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