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Everyone who's telling me to mind my own business, I feel like you've never cared about someone enough to want what's best for them. I think you'd all be in the same quandary I'm in if you were in my shoes, and you'd be offended by short, insulting responses from people who haven't put two thoughts into something you're very sad about.

If it were something lame, like "she said he's fat", sure MYOB. But this is something someone I'm intimately close to is really invested in and making decisions in his life around. No one deserves that and a community about polyamory should have some sympathy for this situation. I'm sure you've all had issues communicating with partners about boundaries and been hurt by details you found out too late.
I'm Alberta (F/26) and I've been in a relationship with Doug (M/37) for 3.5 years. We are long-distance and open. For the last 9 months I have also been dating Tommy (M/31). Tommy is in an unconventional marriage with Jordan (F/28).
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