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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
This is the only part which would get my attention. The other stuff just sounds like drama to me.

If one of my good friends is dating someone who they think is monogamous with them but I know this not to be true - I'm probably going to say something. It would be the same if they were in a business deal which I learned was shifty and would recommend they look more closely.
I did make it all sound like he said/she said. My mistake there. But it's more spiritual and caring and full of love <3 I wasn't gushing to my friend that Tim doesn't know about Ned, but now I have this information and it pains me to know.

I might just mention it to my boyfriend, who has a bromance with Tim. He'll probably be more comfortable breaching the subject.
I'm Alberta (F/26) and I've been in a relationship with Doug (M/37) for 3.5 years. We are long-distance and open. For the last 9 months I have also been dating Tommy (M/31). Tommy is in an unconventional marriage with Jordan (F/28).
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