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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
The world HAS changed (culture).
See, I don't think that that world has changed, necessarily. What I think has changed is the online culture. It's gone from a bunch of people who had the internet in common (where it was a rarity) to a ubiquitous tool where people can hide behind the typed word as a screen that bypasses the usual norms of social decency.

I often wonder if some of the more arrogant, self-important posters would say the same things if sat around in a coffee shop, discussing the issues. I wonder if there would be the same amounts of INDIGNATION at others making statements, and so on.

It's seems all the "people" evaporated and got replaced with either victims or crusaders.
And those that seem to flop from one to the other whenever it is convenient to them.

The art of just good (if sometimes heated) philosophical discussion has faded away.
I think that in this way the online world reflects at least what I am seeing in the USA - the mentality of entrenchment seems to have solidified to an amazing level which certainly doesn't encourage any sort of alternative to moral, ethical, religious or political intransigence.

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