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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Does it really take from you? Do the three of you spend 24/7 of your waking time together? Is she always with you and T? Does K never take time for K?
Yea - time is one of those things we have to balance but in reality it doesn't seem to be as big a monster as we make it sitting back and letting our imagination run wild.
Because everyone is SO fearful and aware of it sometimes it actually flops the other way and people start taking intentional back seats out of consideration of others and everyone ends up sitting home alone ! LOL Humans are strange critters
But if it comes that someone seems to be a bit on the short end of the stick AND communication is good it's really easier than you'd imagine to just toss out a "hey - I'm feeling a bit lonely lately - can anyone help me out ?" And as long as that privilege isn't abused that usually all it takes.

Not as bad as it might seem. The dogs need some attention too

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