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Yaaaahd work. Tons of leaves (damned maple trees are prolific!), and my little mower is working as hard as it can to mulch them up. I do *not* want a repeat of last year, where I bagged leaves and then had no idea what to do with them (my trash service won't take them with the regular trash and require an extra fee). 15 bags of leaves? NFW. Lots of work so the mower can munch them up into little eeny-weenie pieces. Yep. And my forearms are going to be PUMPED! (ow)

Met the son of the older lady next door, who gave me a bit more history about the house. It was all stucco at one point (that pebbled look), and he used to get into trouble as a kid by picking all the little pebbles off. I told him the tradition is alive and well (even if the only stucco left is on the front exterior wall), since my kids do it too.

He thought the place was kind of spooky as a kid - the old man who lived here years ago had a stroke and couldn't speak, and although he was really nice, as a kid that totally wigged him out. Hence, haunted house. Hee...

He and his niece talked about how nice it used to be, and how the previous owners (before me) let it get really run down. I love hearing about the history of this house, and I love even more the ability to bring it back to life and give it some TLC and some of its personality back.

All right... back to work. Before my arms atrophy and I'm useless for the rest of the day.
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