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Originally Posted by Hey View Post
II want to keep going, but I don't want to go through the same feeling of being dropped again. .
You know you simply have no control over what they do and I am pretty much convinced that is what will happen, but, you can take control of what YOU do and not allow them to have the upper hand, even if it is only from a mental standpoint. So, for example, instead of going into this saying "I am willing to do anything to make this work, please don't dump me again" Go into this saying "I am not a toy that you can fetch when you feel like it, I am a real person with real feelings and I deserve respect, I am willing to work on my issues as long as you both work on yours. If I get an inkling that I am being, disregarded, disrespected or treated as disposable I will walk, understand?" And bloody well stick to it!
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