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Originally Posted by RickPlus View Post
About half way thru reading this book the first time, the alchemists of the dark ages occurred to me. They mixed chemistry, numerology, astrology, the theory of 'humors', mystical geometry etc. in a fruitless quest to turn base metal into gold or find the secret to eternal life.
A high school social studies teacher mentioned something to the class one day about alchemists that stuck with me. His view was that they were mostly about things like fermentation, and distillation. So while they might not have gotten gold from lead, they could from Wheat.

On a less tongue and cheek note, I can see why you'd have ended up not liking the book. I doubt I would have gotten past the back cover, much less read it more than once.

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I'm curious, tho: many of the better posts on this forum are from Canadians.
What can we say? We're good!
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