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RickPlus, I'm continually impressed with the quality of your posts - you seem like a fella who's thought deeply about love, sex and the new-to-me ideas behind polyamory for some while. I'm curious, tho: many of the better posts on this forum are from Canadians. Is it just that y'all have more sense (something many Americans secretly fear <GRIN>) and are more open to newish ideas like polyamory? Or do people gravitate to different websites partially based on geographic location? Probably just rehetorical questions...
I also echo River's sentiment for a book review page. Maybe a Wiki would be a good tool? I'm picturing a bunch of book titles and covers: you click thru to a forum-like list of reviews, both good and bad. Maybe a 1 to 5 rating system so the best reviews percolate upward thru the dross?
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