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Book review of "The Soul of Sex" continued.

A typical passage from the book:
"Spirit is typically concerned with facts and principles. Soul is lead by nuance. It looks for guidance in image, poetics and implication." (Page 169.)

I don't believe in the soul so the quote above, to me, is nonsensical. But the author would have us believe in not only in a soul, but also in a spirit. These insubstantial entities he asserts, have the stated properties. How does he know this? What facts or evidence does he give? Has God Spoken and vouchsafed our prophet Divine Revelation? Or is Mr. Moore just making things up? I say, "It's pretty. But made up." Therefore, any statements depending or supported by these assertions are very weak.

That sums up this whole book. Pretty. But made up.

About half way thru reading this book the first time, the alchemists of the dark ages occurred to me. They mixed chemistry, numerology, astrology, the theory of 'humors', mystical geometry etc. in a fruitless quest to turn base metal into gold or find the secret to eternal life. Theirs was a intellectually sterile and useless branch of human thought. Much of what they thought up was clever, neat and self consistent. Wonderful mental fairy castles in the sky. However, these inventions, however appealing, were WRONG. Much of this book felt the same way to me. Clever intellectual inventions with out fact. However, to Mr. Moore's publisher's delight, talking about souls and sex nymphs are less likely to be disproved than the alchemical fancies.

Imagine my thrill of joy when on page 269 he starts rhapsodizing about alchemists. Out side of video games, alchemists don't get much respect today. But in his book he admires them! At length!!! Fitting.

This feels like a book written in the middle ages. It reads like poetry but behind the lovely words and imagery is a contempt for the reader's intelligence. The book is filled with the techniques of advertisers and propagandists. People trained in logic will see thru his orator's bag of tricks.

Finally, Mr Moore takes cheap shots at science and technology thruout his work. (See pages: 5, 88, 266, 267 and others I don't care to bother rereading his book to find.) I believe that science has done more to ennoble humanity, reduce slavery, extend life, ennoble the crippled (or handicapped), reduce disease, reduce superstitious fears, etc. than any other human construct. Anti-intellectuals may amuse themselves by bad mouthing science, but their unsupported slanders do nothing to endear me to their work.

I actually agree with some of the points the author makes. But the manipulative form of his writing keeps pissing me off.

The honest and straightforward sentences of books like "The Ethical Slut" are infinitely preferable to me than this book's apocryphal assertions. It is very hard to summarize what the book actually says - meaning is hidden behind never ending layers of metaphor, simile, analogy and innuendo.

Warm regards, Rick.

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