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I read it to Maca. He's terrible about grabbing my computer when we're on the couch so he can write his thoughts in MY log in!

Ah the joys of marriage.

Anyway-I still personally agree greatly with your previous post in regards to "why" do we stipulate that marriage be a commitment to only one person when generally we understand that it's possible to be committed without exclusivity.

I do greatly appreciate your kind hearted ability to reply to Maca without getting irritated. He's really struggling right now, to find himself within this new life he finds himself surrounded by.

It's hard enough that his wife said, "I love you, but I figured out what's wrong with me, I'm poly. I can't be anything else. I AM still in love with you, but I'm also in love with him and I have been for years."
But then to boot, in finding out about polyamory-I shared that information with my closest friends, and several of them responded with "OMG THAT is what's wrong with me!"

Of course when I say "wrong" I'm not saying polyamory is wrong, but that we knew for years we were different, and we FELT wrong, but didn't know what it was. Now we know. So Maca isn't just dealing with me, but a whole group of people surrounding him who've all SUDDENLY come out as Polyamorous!

The patience of people on here talking to/with him is a HUGE help for him.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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