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Cricketsong, you have found yourself right where many of us poly people have been. A major conundrum.....As Redpepper and Mono have said, do not beat yourself up over this. You are who you are and if you are a person capable of loving more than one person at a time and living in a more fulfilled, completed, harmonious bliss, that's great. But, just starting out as you are, you need to be upfront with these two guys and get their feelings out on the table. I am struggling with my wife on this matter because she and I both found out many years into a marriage that I was poly and now I'm asking her to change who she may be inside, and that's very tough and unfair of me to ask of her. Believe me, if I had realized 30 years ago that I was poly and wanted to live or even could live, this way, I would have given her a heads up then and saved her a lot of pain and heartache now. We are still trying to deal with it and work thru it. She is a wonderful women for loving me so and being willing to try, but there are very few of those around today.
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